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Pattaya Bar Girl Secrets

This web site will reveal some of the Pattaya Bar Girl secrets that we discovered during our many excursions to Pattaya, Thailand. This collection of Pattaya secrets is by no way exhaustive.

There are numerous Pattaya secrets to be told but we have selected those that have been most helpful in understanding the ways of the Pattaya bar girls.

On this page we have provided a link to the 110 page Bar Girl Guide that reveals many of the Pattaya bar girl secrets that you should know about before arriving in party city. If you are planning a trip to Thailand to chase Thai women then I suggest you download a copy right now.

Speaking Thai Secret Myth

This secret delves into the assumption that if a falang is able to speak Thai then Thai bar girls will be less interested in him. For some that may be true, but have you ever considered why?

Thai Girl Scams

This page reveals some of the Pattaya secret scams that a foreigner might encounter while on holiday in Pattaya.

These scams may occur in other regions of Thailand not just Pattaya.
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Living with a Thai Girlfriend

This section takes a close look at what a foreigner might expect to experience while living with a Thai bar girl.

Living with a Thai girlfriend is a lot different to living with a western (falang) girlfriend. Some of the precepts in this section can also be applied to living with main stream Thai women.

Meet Thai Women Online

Discusses the pros and cons of hooking up with a Thai partner online. Have you ever tried to find Thai women online?

I mean Thai girls that you can have a chat with through a chat room service. There are hundreds of chat rooms on line where you can link up with Asian women and get to know them.

But how will you know that you are really chatting with a woman? Hmmmm. Ever thought about that?

Thai Marriage Pros and Cons

Ever thought of marrying a Thai lady? Perhaps you have met a Thai bar girl and fallen in love already. Here you can read our views and the pros and cons of marrying your Thai sweetheart.

Girl Friendly Hotels Pattaya

This is an excellent web site that lists hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok that do not charge a "joiner fee" when you invite a guest to your room.

It is quite common and not a secret that many hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok will expect you to pay at least 500 baht or more when you take your Thai girlfriend to accompany you in your room.

Taking the Bar from Your Girl

Heck what can we say about this? Follow the link to the web site and read the preview of a very useful downloadable e-book for men who have fallen in love with Thai bar girls and are wondering just what to do next.

The eBook exposes some of the secrets that Thai girls employ to get a man to do just what she wants.

Bar Girl Rules

We take a look at the work rules that the Pattaya bar girls must follow. Read the rules and it will help you understand the behavior of some of these girls inside the bar.

Does Thai Girlfriend Work Bar?

Many men befriend or fall in love with Thai bar girls and send them money hoping to keep them from working in the bars.

Does sending a Thai girl money really keep her from working in the bar? How much money should you send to keep your Thai girlfriend from working in the nightlife scene.

Nightlife Guide

Thai Girls Online

View photos and portfolios of Thai Ladies waiting to meet you.
Thai Love Links
Thai Love Lines

How to Meet Thai Women & Thai Culture Guide.

This is the ultimate guide packed with useful information about Thai culture and lots of unique approaches for meeting the right Thai girls for you. View it here.
If you are an 18 to 80 year guy who seeks love, happiness and wild adventures then download a copy of this eBook guide right here.
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