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Secrets Anniversary Pattaya

We attended the last Pattaya Secrets birthday party in 2011 and it was a huge success.We believe that this year's party is going to be even better.

Here is a message from the team at Secrets Hotel and Night Club.

The Biggest Party of the Year is almost here - Saturday Sept 1st - Secrets will turn 6 years old ! How time flies, and we intend to make it our best so far. Don't miss this one, it will go all night for sure !

We have not had the easiest few months, but now things are really fun again. New girls, a happy motivated crew and a great atmosphere is keeping Secrets the fun classy place we you all know :)

The hotel is doing well, and we advise you to book as soon as you know your dates. All rooms now have new flat screen TVs, and are maintained to the highest order. And the rates are super low.
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Our Private Luxury Villa has had 2 cancellations over the next month due to our guests personal circumstances, and you might be lucky and get the dates you want.

Mabilia - our lovely yacht is getting busy now the rain has stopped. And although not cheap, she goes out at less than half the price of another yacht in her class - Giving you great value for money, and the experiences of a life time.

Thank you for your support and we hope to serve you well over the next 6 years ! See you at Secrets

Secrets Team


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