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Thai Girlfriend Living Together Rules

If you can't afford the extra private space then you will have to work extra hard on creating a set of “living together rules” that you and your Thai girlfriend both agree upon.

These rules will be important for the survival and longevity of your Thai girlfriend relationship. Please don't take this lightly.

Your girlfriend will be accustomed to rules in her work environment. In fact correctly implemented work rules that are logical and simple are usually the backbone of any successful Thai business.

Thai people are comfortable with rules. Clear and logical guidelines that they can easily follow makes life simple for them.

Bar girls are already accustomed to this kind of treatment. In the eBook "After-The-Rush" (about developing a meaningful relationship with a Thai bar girl) a set of bar girl work rules are examined.

Within the bar girl work rules there are six instances of the girls having their salary reduced for lack of compliance and in one instance childish behavior.

You could take this rules system and apply it to your relationship with your Thai girl.

Suppose for example in the first few weeks of living together your Thai girlfriend (TEERUK) regularly does something for you that you really enjoy.

This thing that she does could be one of the many reasons that you decided to shack up with her, live with her. It might be a relaxing oil massage.

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Keeping Your Thai Girlfriend Motivated

Suppose that several weeks into your relationship for some unknown reason your girlfriend discontinues providing this favorite treatment that you enjoy so much.

Suddenly your enjoyment is diminished. I would think that you would want this special treatment to continue, right?

How can you motivate your Thai girlfriend to continue behaving in the way that she did when you first met her? Usually you will be paying your girlfriend a monthly salary.

Should you follow the example of the bar girl rules and reduce her salary for lack of consistency? Threatening to reduce her salary might work but unless you approach this in a certain manner you will create a huge problem for yourself.

I know falang's (foreigners) who have threatened to reduce their Thai girlfriend's salary in an attempt to induce better behavior.

A few have succeeded because of the way they approached the problem but those who didn't succeed faced emotional turmoil. It is the latter that all sane men would want to avoid. Right?

The downloadable eBook "After-The-Rush" contains guide lines that will help a foreigner to build and consolidate his relationship with his Thai girlfriend and avoid the “hell hole”.

The important thing to consider in a cross culture relationship is the development of a relationship plan and guide lines that you can both refer to when needed. If you have a set of win win rules on which to base the development of your Thai girlfriend relationship your life will run much smoother.

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