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Thai Bar Girl Work Rules

This section is about the work rules that some of the bars employ to keep their girls under control. Although most bars have similar rules for their girls it is the Go Go bars that have the most stringent rules. Personally I think the health test rule is the most important.

These rules and some of the secrets attached to the rules are discussed in the Pattaya Bar Girls Report a nightlife guide for the Pattaya bar scene.

Here are some of the rules that apply to the Go Go bars.

  1. They must reach a customer quota of five to ten clients per month. If they don’t reach the quota then a set fee sometimes equivalent to the bar fine is deducted from their salary.
  2. They are allowed to have only two or three days off each month. If extra leave is taken then they are fined 200 to 400 baht for each day taken.
  3. They must achieve a set lady drink quota. That is sell drinks to the customer. If they don’t reach the quota then they must pay the normal commission for the missed quota.
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  4. Leave is not permitted on weekends or public holidays. They will be fined from 500 to 1,000 baht for each day they take off.
  5. There is a mandatory health check up every three months. If their test is positive for STDs then they will not receive a salary for that month. Each bar girl wil have a health check card.
  6. When the bar provides outfits for them to wear they must wear them or suffer a fine of 100 to 200baht.

When the bar owners enforce rules such as the above bar girl work rules it can have a negative effect on the attitude of the girls. They tend to become more mercenary and push harder for the customer to buy that drink or to buy a ladies drink.

The girls are paid a salary to dance in the bar. They are also paid a commission on drinks bought for them by a customer. The commission is sometimes 20 up to 50 baht per drink.

Some bars enforce a lady drink target for each girl for the month. That can sometimes make the girl a bit pushy. A lady's drink is usually a small glass of watered down soft drink that will cost you around 90 to 130 baht per glass.

Pattaya bar girl on the bed

A bottle of sprite (two glasses of soft drink) costs 7 baht in the supermarket. You are not obliged to buy a ladies drink when a Thai lady sits with you in the bar but she will sure feel more relaxed with you if you do buy her the lady drink.

She might even show some affection.

She will understand that you are not a Cheap Charlie.

She will also be obliged to sit with you at least until she has finished her drink.

During that time anything could happen such as described in page 55 of the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

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