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Some foreigners who travel to Thailand for a short holiday in Pattaya sometimes believe that they have become the victim of a Thai girl scam. They've discovered themselves in a circumstance where they've either lost some cash, private property for instance a watch, laptop, passport, credit card, gold chain or been deceived in some way that has caused them emotional trauma.

On lots of these occasions it has been the foreigner's lack of understanding of Thai customs and culture that has led them to be victims of a Thai girl scam.

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Now I am not advocating that you'll find no such scams in Pattaya Thailand or
anyplace else inside the globe but in numerous cases the foreigner's lack of preparing himself for his visit to a nation with such a diverse culture may be the catalyst for misunderstanding.

It is actually this misunderstanding which could lead a newbie traveler into awkward situations that could have a negative outcome. It is then that the foreigner believes he has been scammed. By the way I advise you to read Thai Girls and Sending Money before you consider sending money to a Thai girl.

Would you jump from an aircraft prior to checking that your parachute is in order?

Likewise, would you travel to a foreign nation with out initially researching the possible hazards and pitfalls?

Understanding Thai girls and their way of thinking isn't simple. There are actually some known scams to prepare your self for. Three prevalent scams come to mind that you could possibly encounter in Pattaya when you are in the wrong location, with the wrong woman or man at the right time.

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Here is one kind of scam you might like to note.
Single traveling males really should be cautious about bringing unknown women to their hotel rooms or homes.

The following kind of drugging scam is not uncommon.The woman coats her nipples using a drug or drops a powder into your drink to put you to sleep thus helping her to carry out the theft of your belongings.

Unfortunately, they from time to time put somewhat extra into the drink to guarantee that the victim really is knocked right out. There are reported situations of the little additional inadvertently killing the victim.

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It's likely that in a number of those situations the drug administered was incompatible with the victim's heart condition or medication the victim was taking at the time.

Although the rate of theft is remarkably low, it does happen. It is wise to find out a bit about Thai culture, customs, and prospective hazards before you book your flight to Thailand. The far more you learn about the Thai individuals and their ways of going about their everyday tasks, the less potential there will likely be for misunderstanding.

When a Westerner comes to Thailand he brings with him his way of doing things, his own culture, his own customs. On occasions the Westerner's way of doing things can clash with their hosts.

If, when in Thailand, you do find yourself in an awkward situation make an effort to stay calm. Try not to display anger. In Thai culture it can be impolite and unwise to display anger. For anyone who is planning a trip to Pattaya, familiarize yourself with the culture, the customs, along with the pitfalls and your holiday will surely be a safe and unforgettable adventure.

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