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Speaking Thai Secret

Here is something you could do to improve your relationship.
Learn to speak Thai.
Are you going to tell me that Thai girls don't like it if you can speak Thai?

You will often hear Thailand ex-pats or foreigners who can speak Thai say,
"Bar girls don't like it when you speak Thai with them"

The implication is that if you speak Thai with them then they will put you into the “Falang Roo Mark" (Foreigner who knows too much) category. This does happen sometimes.

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But in my experience the girls who might be put off by you being able to speak Thai are usually the ones that you would want to avoid anyway.

If they only want a falang who is a newbie and doesn't know much about the bar scene then what would you guess their intentions might be?

When bar girls hear me speak Thai I have witnessed their faces light up like a flash light. Quite often these are new girls fresh from the rice fields.

These newcomers to the bar scene often feel very intimidated in their new work environment. Here is the program that helped me learn to speak Thai.

Think about it. The bar girls are surrounded by all us scary looking foreigners babbling away in some language that they don't understand.

Can you imagine what a relief it must be to them to meet a foreigner that they can speak with?

Speak Thai

Wouldn't it be the same or even magnified two or three fold for your Thai girl when she visits your country? She is surrounded by people who don't speak her language. But wait a minute, if you can speak Thai then imagine how cozy she would feel with you.

If your girl has limited English language skills then being able to speak Thai will allow you to communicate your feelings and ideas a lot easier. Your girl will feel closer to you and have a lot more confidence in you.

My Thai girl's English is OK but when I detect just a bit of misapprehension I use Thai.

The language barrier can only lead to frustrations and difficulties in your relationship with your Thai girlfriend. You need to be able to communicate important things with ease and accuracy.

Misunderstanding can lead to confusion and negative eruptions in your relationship.

Learn Thai and you will enhance your relationship immensely. When you take your girl to your country you can have a lot of fun speaking Thai together.

You can talk about other people and they won't have a clue what you are chatting about.

When I took my girl to my country one day we were on a bus and struck up a Thai conversation together about a silly looking falang sitting in front of us. She had me laughing my ribs off.

Remember, Thai girls love to joke around and have fun. That's probably one of the many reasons you are attracted to them.

With Thai speaking skills you can express your western values and ideas.

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