Pattaya bar girls secrets

Thai Bar Girl Scams

Pattaya bar girls are mostly honest. Your chance to be scammed will be more from a mammasan or bar owner.

One night in Pattaya an unsuspecting foreigner was walking by one of the larger outdoor beer bars where three girls were dancing on the top of the bar. He pulled out his camera and began flashing shots of the girls. One girl jumped off the bar and hid behind the cashier desk that was near by.

Another girl in an attempt to hide slipped on the tiled bar and injured herself. Both girls obviously did not want their photos taken at the bar.

Seconds later an angry Thai man arrived on the scene demanding that the foreigner pay 5,000 baht. The angry man pointed at a small faded sign of a camera with a red line through it.

Pattaya bar girl on the bed

The foreigner with no idea of the law and his rights in this awkward situation made a decision to pay up.

Was that the right decision or the wrong decision? The would-be photographer was lucky the bar owner didn’t ask for a larger sum of money.

However there are a couple of Thai bar girl scams that come to mind.

Theft in Your Sleep
Many unsuspecting tourists have been ripped off in their hotel room by bar girls or gender benders during the one night stand. Here is the modus operandi.

You meet a girl at a cafe, shopping center or on the street.

She says “I go with you” So you take her to your hotel room for some horizontal activity.

While you are taking a shower, going to the toilet or sleeping she goes through all your trouser pockets, shirt pockets, drawers, shoes, wallet and whatever else she can find.

By the time you come out of the bathroom or wake up you are alone and your stuff is gone. You have been scammed. Read more about this Thai girl scam and the antidote in Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

There is a quiet hotel at the end of Walking Street in Pattaya. It has two swimming pools, a large garden and park with tennis courts, and is right on the beach. It is a two-minute walk from the action in Walking Street.

In every room the bathroom has a large fixed glass window panel. From inside the bathroom you have a view of the entire room. Now that provides an opportunity for you to keep an eye on your possessions while taking a shower and avoid being robbed in Pattaya.

Here is another way of looking at it. From the room you have a view into the bathroom. So you can watch your honey take a shower.

View pictures of the hotel here.

Please note. If you book this hotel on line you will save just over 35% on the rack price (walk in rate).

Fake Pregnancy Scam

According to a Thai language newspaper Thai bar girls have employed a new scam to convince their their falang sponsors that they are pregnant. This is a new twist on an old Thai girl scam to get their sugar daddies to cough up some extra loot.

In order to appear like they are truly pregnant these cunning girls inject a chemical substance into their stomach. Their stomach will inflate a few weeks after the injection. The injection costs just 3,000 baht.

Another chemical substance is needed to flatten the stomach.

Some of the girls who have succeeded with the scam say they did it to obtain money or even escape from a forced marriage.

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