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There are many tricks that Thai bar girls get up to in order to make life easier for themselves or make extra money without having to work too hard. Some of these bar girl tricks have been called scams but I prefer to classify them as tricks. They are like minor manipulations of the truth.

Although there are many bar girl tricks on the list of tricks for a street wise bar girl to execute there is not enough space on this page to discuss them in their entirety. I will just list a few of the most common tricks of the trade here.

When you visit Thailand and immerse yourself in the nightlife scene in Pattaya then you will discover for yourself some of the tricks or Thai girl scams if you choose to call them such.

Some you will recognize as bar girl tricks or deceitfulness but on many occasions these encounters are manifested by the difference in cultures. For a more in depth discussion on a great range of Pattaya bar girl tricks, Thai girl scams and how to avoid becoming a victim I highly recommend you download the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

Here are a few of the tricks that you might like to avoid.

You meet a beautiful girl in a go go bar and you decide to pay her bar fine. She informs you that her girlfriend is very attracted to you and would like to join in. Of course for the friend to join in you will have to pay her bar fine too.

After persuasive glances and suggestive body language from both girls you agree to pay the extra bar fine. You finish your drinks and decide it is time to go to your room with your new found companions.

On the way to your hotel the two girls invite you to a disco or another venue for some dancing and a drink or two. It is at the venue that the second bar girl mysteriously disappears. Are Thai girls deceitful?

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 It might be unfair to make such a judgement. The runaway girl just might have felt too lazy to go to your hotel room with you or perhaps she had never participated in a threesome before and felt awkward about it. There are many reasons for her to disappear.

Many of these situations are discussed in the Pattaya Bar Girls nightlife guide written by Bill Williams an experienced Pattaya nightlife punter. If you find yourself in a situation like this then you have the choice of assuming you are a victim of a scam because you have heard many stories of foreigners being ripped off in Pattaya or you can view the event from a more creative perspective.

You might like to consider a few things about the local culture and realize that there could be an opportunity here for you to foster a little adventure with either one of the girls. One reason for this would be the fact that you paid a bar fine.

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