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Here are a few Pattaya secrets and tips to guide you through your Pattaya adventure.

Does My Hotel Have a Lift?

Did you know that the Pattaya local council requires a lift or elevator to be included in the design of a hotel or apartment block only if the building has more than 5 floors. Hmmm then there are a lot of 5 story Pattaya hotels without a lift or elevator.

Unless you are the kind of person who loves to climb a few flights of stairs after a hard night out you had better ask the receptionist how many floors the hotel has when you make your hotel booking.

If your prospective Pattaya accommodation has only five floors then you could ask whether or not the hotel has a lift. Here are some Pattaya hotels with super discounted rates. You can read traveler reviews and check whether or not they have lifts (elevators).

What is a Joiner's fee?

If you are the kind of person who likes to take his girl back to a comfortable hotel room for some horizontal activities then read on.

It is no secret that a lot of Pattaya hotels are charging a "joiner fee" when you take a Thai lady to join you in your hotel room. Some charge up to 1000 baht per night. The secret is that this protocol is becoming more popular.

If you stay two weeks or more and take a guest to your room every night that irritating joiner fee can soon add up to a substantial amount. If you are like me you will want to avoid paying such fees.

This is easy to do when you know which hotels do not charge a joiner fee.

The hotels on the guest friendly list link above are very popular with visitors who want to have a hassle free stay with their girls. The staff are friendly and respect your privacy.

Because of the popularity of these nice hotels to save disappointment I highly advise you to book your hotel in advance especially in the high season. 

Does your Thai girl have an ID card?

You come to Pattaya for the night life and to find a companion usually a Thai bar girl to accompany you to your hotel for the evening.

Here is a little tip.
Before you set out on your adventure with your Thai lady on your arm it might be a good idea to politely ask her whether or not she has her ID card with her.

Why? Because most hotels in Pattaya will require your companion to leave their ID card with the reception until she is ready to depart the hotel.

This hotel policy is designed to protect the hotel customer from foul play by a bar girl. Imagine not waking up until late the next afternoon to find you are the victim of a Thai girl sleep scam. It also protects the hotel against petty theft.

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