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Pattaya Nightlife Girls

Pattaya Nightlife Girls are not all girls from Pattaya. Girls from many provinces in Thailand come to Pattaya to participate in the Pattaya nightlife scene.

The Pattaya nightlife is unique. There is no other place in the world that offers the broad range of nightlife experiences that can be found in Pattaya.

A majority of the Thai girls who play and work in the bars and clubs of Pattaya come from the North East of Thailand, Esaan. However if you spend enough time bar hopping in Pattaya you will soon discover that the origin of the girls is diverse.

Most of the girls from Esaan are rice farmers' daughters. Some are single mothers looking for an easier way to support one or more children. A small percentage of the girls might be hoping to meet up with kind hearted foreigners (falangs) who would agree to support them and their family's. Some foreigners are attracted to this concept and fall in love.

With this possibility in mind some of the Pattaya night life girls take advantage of the foreigner willing to open his big fat wallet and take him on as a sponsor. The eBook Pattaya Bar Girls Report has an informative section about how to recognize bar girls who have sponsors.

The main reason Thai girls come to join the Pattaya nightlife is of course to make money. Some might stay just a few months others a few years. The longer they stay the more street wise they become. There is a diverse range of male westerners visiting Pattaya for the nightlife.

A bar girl who has been in town for long enough will be proficient at analyzing the nature of her potential customer. The girls become experts at flattery and enticing a man to dig deeper into his wallet.

Where to find Pattaya Nightlife Girls

First you will need to be in Pattaya of course. You will find the girls in the following establishments; go go bars, short time bars, beer bars, massage parlors and discos.

You will also find them along the esplanade of Beach Road and in shopping malls. Care should be taken when looking for girls on the esplanade or in the shopping malls.

A go go bar is an indoor bar where the girls dance on a catwalk usually in the center of the room. Some of the go go bars feature shows or have special "show girls" who dance a choreographed routine.

In the short time bars there are no dancers on a catwalk. The bars are usually dimly lit inside and seating is arranged to produce a feeling of intimacy with the girls.

Beer bars are open air bars with a roof and no walls. They are normally stacked close together creating a party atmosphere. Each bar has its own sound system and they often compete to dominate the air waves. The girls can be found sitting either side of the bar.

Massage parlors are large establishments where the girls are trained to provide a specific type of massage usually called a "soapy massage".

In Pattaya the word "Disco" could be misleading to a foreigner. The discos in Thailand are quite different to the Disco's in America, England, Europe or Australia. Thais gather at the Discos for a "SANOOK" (fun) time.

In Thailand the owners provide non stop entertainment. The music is mostly provided by live bands. Dancers with choreographed routines accompany most live music acts on stage.

The Pattaya nightlife girls at the discos are usually freelancers or bar girls who come to the disco to let off some steam and relax after the bars close.

The bar girls guide eBook contains some very useful tips about how to approach the girls at the discos. 

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